Pathfinder Battles

Hello readers!

I thought I would share an interesting new purchase with you: some randomized goodies from the Pathfinder Battles series of pre-painted miniatures.

Now, I don’t usually purchase miniatures.  I love them, but for the most part, they scare me.

Games like Warhammer have never been my style – or rather, maybe, I’m not theirs.  It seems like those massive, miniature table-top games require a certain type of person to really sink their teeth into them.  To get set up to play even your first game seems like a great investment of time and money.  It’s not that I couldn’t do it, but like I said above, they scare me – I’m pretty confident that once I got going the inertia would carry me forward until I was penniless and alone.  But that’s just me.

The Pathfinder Battle miniatures, however, I picked up on a whim.  They aren’t part of a larger game, though they do have a collectible aspect to them that is akin to opening a booster pack from Magic: The Gathering.  They come in multiple box sizes and each box contains an assortment of randomized, pre-painted miniatures.  What makes this line of minis fit for me is that since they are already painted, the time investment is severely reduced.  Not only that, but the need to buy paint and model supplies is gone.  The best part (that might only apply to my delicate psyche) is the dissociation from a larger, meta-game.  For me, this alleviates some of that cash investment (I won’t be as eager to purchase that next figure).

Without further ado:
 photo 2ce81e9b-474c-465a-a3bb-4aab9216364a_zpsff8ae44f.jpg

The above figures were contained within 3 boxes total: two small boxes (each containing a single small, figurine) and one ‘standard booster’ (containing a large figure, and 3 medium or small figures).

I opened the single boxes first, and was pretty let down.  I believe they were in the neighborhood of about $3/ea. and I got the Human Rogue and the City Watch dudes to the left in the above picture.  The colors seemed drab and the detail was pretty terrible.

when I opened the standard booster box, however, I was pleasantly surprised!  The large figure (the ogre/giant) is sculpted and painted in great detail, with vibrant colors that popped.  The same quality was present in the other 3 figures in that box.  These included a neat-looking kobold warrior with purple/black scales, a lamia monster, and a named character from the Rise of the Runelords Pathfinder adventure path: Ameiko Kaijitsu.

Overall, I was pretty happy with this purchase.  It ran about 21.99+tax (15.99 for the standard box, 3.00/ea. for the small boxes).  I don’t plan on buying these on a regular basis, but it would be neat to pick them up once in a while.

If you read this and care to chime in on your thoughts about these figures, please leave a comment by clicking below!  Do you think they’re well-made?  Do you have anything to say that might make me reconsider my fear of buying more miniatures?

As always, thanks for reading –


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